The holocaust

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The Selection Process, Gas chambers, and Death




Table of Contents
Transportation To Camp


Sorting Jews




Gas chambers and persuasion







I. Transportation to gas camp
A. Train
1. Thousands at a time
B. Truckloads
C. Forced to walk
1. Chained to horse or wagon
2. Jews shot on sight
II. Sorting Jews
A. Pregnant women
B. Young people
C. Sick or injured
D. Old people
III. Conditions
A. Pushed around
B. Barely fed
C. Cabins too congested
D. Disease from corpses
IV. Gas chambers and persuasion
A. Shower persuasion
B. Going for a meal
1. For good cooperation
C. Going in to sign paperwork
1. To be able to leave
2. Gassed instead




Sydney Diffin
Mrs. Murphy
English/ History
26 August 2014
The Selection Process, Gas chambers, and Death
Jennifer Green reminds us that the Holocaust was one of the twentieth century's greatest tragedies. It left a tragic mark on all Jews. (Holocaust Remembrance Day marks ‘greatest tragedy’) In the holocaust, there were many different techniques used to kill the Jews. As the killing techniques went on, Hitler and his allies began to come up with the fastest and cleanest ways to kill more Jews each day. Guidelines were made for soldiers in order to know who to put in the gas chambers, and who should be working hard labor. Gas chambers, ovens, and simply shooting at people, starvation, and working people to death, were all techniques used to exterminate Jews in concentration camps all throughout the holocaust.

The tragedy began at January 30th, 1933 and ended at May 8th, 1945, when the war

Student 9/24/14 9:30 PM
Comment [1]: It

in Europe ended. Between these two massive periods many things had gone on. Hitler had blamed the Jews for Germany’s defeat in World War 1. He brainwashed the Germans into hating them. He believed that the German race was better than any other race and that Germans deserve to live. Blonde hair and blue eyes was also the master race to Hitler, even

Student 9/24/14 9:31 PM
Comment [2]: Hitler

though he had dark hair and dark eyes. Hitler wanted to kill off all the “imperfect” people. When this news got out to all the Jews they became very nervous and a lot went into hiding. It was not long until Hitler was having Jews and other imperfect types of people



hauled off to the specially redesigned concentration camps to be gassed. Hundreds and thousands of Jews’ blood was shed from the hands of Adolf Hitler every day, and still, he acted as if he were making the world better.

Later on in the Holocaust, Jewish towns practically became death traps for any Jew that walked the streets. Almost every second of the day, Nazi soldiers would be roaming the streets for vulnerable people, and just watching people like hawks waiting for someone to mess up. Very often a train would come past the towns and take thousands of Jews and other non Arians, such as gypsies, or people that did not fit his definition of the perfect race, blond hair and blue eyes, to the death camps that were farther away. There would also be trucks and cattle carts that would pick up hundreds of people. These small carts would shove in as many people it could fit and everyone would be hauled off to a closer camp whether they wanted to go or not. It was also known that if you were too resistant to the carts and trucks then you would either be shot on sight to be made an example of or you would be strung up to one of the transporters and be dragged to the camp. People who were too weak to work, or sick were sent to the gas chambers. Poison gas was used just as the gas that the Germans made in...

Citations: The tragedy began at January 30th, 1933 and ended at May 8th, 1945, when the war
Student 9/24/14 9:30 PM
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