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The Hobbit Book Review

By be12345 Apr 27, 2014 1703 Words

The Hobbit is a fantasy novel written by J.R.R Tolkien in the between the years of 1929 and 1936. The Hobbit tells the story of Bilbo Baggins, and his adventures with Gandalf the Gray and a group of Dwarves. The book was released 21. September 1937. This is a story about Bilbo Baggins, who started out as a very cautious little hobbit from a very nice place called the shire; He never did nor even think of doing anything unexpected or go on some crazy adventures. Bilbo just wanted to be at home in his hobbit hole and do what he normally did. All this changes when an old friend of Bilbo shows up. Gandalf, also known as Gandalf the Gray, wanted Bilbo to join him on an adventure companied by 13 dwarves led by their leader Thorin. The quest they are about to jump into is to retrieve a lost treasure. But it’s not just to barge in and get it, it’s guarded by a dragon named Smaug. They start their journey, not long after they all get captured by trolls and are just about to be eaten, but then Gandalf saves them all, then the sun rises and they all turn to stone. The trolls had rare treasures, Magic Elven weapons, which Gandalf, Thorin and Bilbo got. They adventure to the elven city Rivendell, too find some rest. They find out where the secret door is located with help from Elrond, the leader of Rivendell. They journey towards The Misty Mountains, the weather was very bad so they had to take shelter in a cave. The cave which they rested in was actually a trap, from the goblins. Not long after they are captured by the goblins. They manage to escape the goblins and they flee, but Bilbo gets lost in the tunnels. While Bilbo crawls around in the tunnels which are completely dark, he finds a ring; he puts it in his pocket and continues. This ring will have a huge role but he just doesn’t know it yet. In the tunnels he meets Gollum, a nasty creature living by an underground lake deep into the caves. Gollum is sick and tired of eating raw fish and other things he finds in the cave, so he wants to eat Bilbo. Bilbo challenges Gollum to a riddle contest, Bilbo wins but Gollum still wants to eat him. That’s when Bilbo decides to flee. As he flees from Gollum he reaches into his pocket for the ring and puts it on, it made him invisible and Gollum could not see him. Bilbo follows Gollum to the exit, which was the way Gollum thought Bilbo was headed. When Bilbo is out of the caves he finds Gandalf and the dwarves. They are all attacked by wargs, Gandalf attacks them with magic, but then goblins arrive, all of them were nearly killed, but then they get saved by giant eagles which Gandalf had “contacted” to come save them. They get carried to the eagles nest safely They all meet with Beorn, a man who can turn into a bear, and they stay there. Since they all lost their ponies and food in the goblin caves, Beorn gives them ponies and food. After they leave Beorns house they go to Mirkwood, Gandalf leaves when they arrive. Mirkwood is a very dangerous place, the dwarf leader Thorin gets captured by woodelves, later on the remaining dwarves also get captured, but by giant spiders. Bilbo unexpectedly manages to save them all from the spiders They all get captured again, except for Bilbo. Bilbo uses the magic ring that he found in the goblin caves to save them from the dungeons the woodleves threw them in. After all this trouble they get to Lake Town. When they get inside, Thorin claims himself as leader of Lake Town, but the Master of Lake Town does not approve of this, so he gives Thorin supplies and ponies to continue the journey to the treasure hoping Smaug will kill Thorin. They arrive The Lonely Mountain. They find the secret door which only lights up when the moon shines on it. They opened the door with a key and headed into the mountain tunnels. When they are inside they encounter Smaug. Bilbo starts to riddle with the dragon. Smaug soon leaves to attack Lake-Town, this is when Bilbo and the dwarves start to explore the place. They find a lot of treasures. Thorin gives Bilbo a very good present, a armor made out of pure mithril. Bilbo didn’t know it, but this west was worth more than whole the shire(the little town that Bilbo lives in) Smaug gets killed by Bard. Bard shoots him in an area on the chest which had no armor. After Smaugs death the woodelves and Lake Town people wants a part of the treasure, they want to steal it. First they ask Thorin to share the treasure, which he said no to. The woodevles and Lake Town people puts them all under siege until Thorin changes his mind, which he does. Gandalf comes back at the end.

Bilbo Baggins: Bilbo is the main character in this story, he is a Hobbit. Hobbits are like humans, just a lot shorter. They have very furry feet with very thick skin under so they do not need to wear shoes. Bilbo himself lives a very quiet life in this wonder world called Bag end, which is in the Shire. He lives in his large hobbit hole, which is not just a hole in the ground; it’s like an underground house. Thorin Oakenshield: Thorin is a Dwarf, they can be a lot like hobbits, but they are a lot “thicker” and they almost always have a long thick beard. Thorin is a very sturdy warrior, but not to forget proud, purposeful, greedy and stubborn. Gandalf: Gandalf is a Human, human wizard to be exact, with a long gray beard, a gray pointy hat and gray robes, he is also known as “Gandalf The Gray”. He is a very wise as well, always seem to know everything, and it seems like he just has a thing for showing up unexpectedly and save everyone, to just disappear again. Gandalf is also able to use very vast magic. Smaug: Smaug is a dragon, with armor-like hide that is almost indestructible. He is very sarcastic and has a sense of humor; he can speak in the normal tongue as every hobbit, dwarf, human and so on. He has a very powerful scorch. He laid rest in the Lonely Mountains after killing everyone in there to steal the treasure, dragons love treasures. Gollum: Gollum is a small creature, slimy, strange and disgusting. He lives in the caves under the Misty Mountains by an underground lake where he eats raw fish from. After many years of living in darkness he has been twisted into the creature he is now, it is not told how he became this way. There is a sub conflict in the book, which is Bilbo VS Himself, he must overcome his anxiousness, fear and horror of all the dangerous creatures they come up against to be able to for fill this dangerous mission. But of course there is the actual main issue in the book, for the whole company to be able to get to the treasure and get through the dangerous dragon Smaug. It is a third-person narrative and has an omniscient narrator. Omniscient narrator means that the narrator can enter the characters in the story’s mind, knows all of their thoughts. Even though it’s an omniscient narrator you basically only follow Bilbo’s thoughts and meanings.

The development Bilbo makes through the book is very interesting. He starts out as this very cautious hobbit that never did anything unexpected or went on any adventures. But when he goes on this huge adventure with Gandalf and the 13 dwarves he becomes a true adventurer and did things he had never thought he ever would do. The book is written in an old English style, this is because the book itself is now very old (1937) The book is written in a way that it’s interesting all the way, you never really get dead spots and almost skip through the book. The book is written in third person, almost from Bilbo’s point of view, since the story is told from his thoughts and almost point of view. There is a kind of “god entity” telling the story. The imagination of J.R.R Tolkien is amazing, he has written an entire world, as well as different languages with special letters and symbols.

I would say that the big moment of this book is the Big battle, The Battle of the Five Armies that is. But the big turning point for me that really surprised me was when Bilbo managed to defeat his fear and jump over Gollum in the caves underneath the Misty Mountains. Gandalf and the dwarves comes everyone except Gandalf gets captured by trolls they get captured by goblins and they escape (Bilbo finds the ring) Meets with Beorn Gets captured and escapes from the Elves they finally arrive at the Lonely Mountains they encounter Smaug Battle of Five Armies

I think the book was a decent book to read, especially since I’m fan of The Lord of The Rings trilogy. Even though it was written in old English style, I found it very easy to read, even easier to read actually in the way it was written. I believe this book is a masterpiece and J.R.R Tolkien did a great job on it. It’s perfect for people that like adventurous books, mythical creatures and action. With that said, I don’t actually like reading books, and even though I said I didn’t like this book I still like the lord of the rings. I would not recommend this book to young children/teenagers, it might be a little hard to be able to understand if you haven’t fully developed, but I would give it a shot if you are older than 15, or if you’re good at reading.

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