The History of B'laan

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....." HISTORY OF B'LAAN "......
.... History of B'laan.....

[pic]     The origin of the B'laan is obscured by the mist of antiquity.  Though a people of rich traditional, almost nothing is known about them in view of the absence of ancient records. The B'laans belong to the second group of people who migrated to the Islands between 12,000 and 15,000 years ago.  According to the B'laan folk tale told by Fulong, the early B'laans arrived the country next to the To Bali or tiny people.  Historians have identified these tiny people as pygmies or negritos (little black) who said to have arrived in the Philippines about 25,000 years ago across the land bridge that was connected the archipelago with mainland Asia.  It appears that the B'laans were very much ahead of the Indonesians by almost 10,000 years and cannot logically belongs to the Indonesian type A.       The term B'laan, refers to a socio-linguistic group, on the Island of Mindanao, with covers coastal, lowland and highland groups from approximately as far North of Mt. Buluan, to as far South as the Sarangani Peninsula.  Both the coastal, lowland and highland distinctions are based in geographical and ecological considerations as will as historical contact with other groups.  The coastal and lowland B'laan groups tend to display a much more heterogeneous composition that the more homogeneous highland groups.  As such the coastal and lowland groups in the highland are which display a strong sense of culture identity, as will as, more traditional B'laan practice. [pic]


      The people come from the land, without the land, there would be no people.  The land, comes from the people for without the people, there would be no cultivated land.  This is because land to the tribal is as a partner in life-not as commodity, not as a property that is owned and which may be bartered or sold.  For centuries, the tribal people have been able to do just this quite...
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