The History of the Philippines

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Who was the 'Great Dissenter'?| History of the Philippines |

Claro M. Recto. He was called Great Dissenter because of his uncomprising stand against pro-American policy of R. Magsaysay, the very same man whom he helped to put in power. Who is the former Senate President who came from Abra?| History of the Philippines |

Quintin Paredes. Quintin Paredes, a former Speaker and Senate President, is known for his stint as a US Resident-Commisioner. Who is generally acknowledged as the first President of the Philippines?| History of the Philippines |

Emilio Aguinaldo. However, he didn't get international recognition. Who excommunicated Fr. Gregorio Aglipay?| History of the Philippines |

Norzaleda. Arch. Norzaleda excommunicated Aglipay for his involvement on the nationalistic struggle. This prompted Aglipay to help build the Iglesia Filipina Independiente. Where was the Rizal's novel 'Noli Mi Tangere' published?| History of the Philippines |

Berlin. It was the year 1887 when this novel was published in Berlin. Who is the Filipino historian who claimed that there was no Philippine history before the execution of the three nationalists priests?| History of the Philippines |

Teodoro Agoncillo. This claim is still a product of controversies since there is still a Filipino history from the Pre-hispanic era. Agoncillo's camp however claimed they the other party got the wrong context. What is the name of Filipino armed contingent that helped the Americans capture Aguinaldo?| History of the Philippines |

Macabebe Scouts. The Macabebe Scouts were loyal to the Spaniards and immeditely switch allegiance to the Americans. Macabebes are Kamampapangans who have a mutual hatred against the Tagalogs, mainstay of Aguinaldo's Army. Who is the highest American military official that was killed in action during the Filipino-American war?| History of the Philippines |

Gen. Lawton. A street was named in his honor.
The Hispanic Period had started in the Philippines in 1500s. Who was the first Governor of the Philippines?| The Philippines under Spanish Rule |

Miguel Lopez de Legazpi. In 1572, Miguel Lopez de Legazpi had became the first Governor of the Philippines after he established a government together with Augustinian and Dominican friars. For how many years did Spanish rule last in the Philippines?| The Philippines under Spanish Rule |

333 . The Spaniards occupied the Philippines from 1565 to 1898, exactly 333 years. Spanish rule ended after the signing of the Treaty of Paris in 1898, which withdrew Spain from the Philippines, Guam, Cuba and Puerto Rico. Raja Lakandula and Raja Sulayman revolted against Governor Guido de Lavezaris, because of the abuses by the Spaniards. What is the revolt called?| The Philippines under Spanish Rule |

Manila Revolt. The successor to Miguel Lopez de Legaspi, Governor-General Guido Lavezaris, had sequestered all the properties of the Rajahs. The revolt failed because of the loyalty of the Spanish and Filipino troops to the Governor-General. Dr. Jose Protacio Rizal is Philippines' national hero because of his large contribution to independence during the 19th century. What was his main weapon against the Spaniards?| The Philippines under Spanish Rule |

Pen. The proverb "the pen is mightier than the sword" was used with reference to novelists like him. His many literary works include the novels "Noli Me Tangere" ("Touch Me Not"), "El Filibusterismo" ("The Reign of Greed"), and the poem "Mi Ultimo Adios" ("Farewell, Beloved Country"). The Tejeros Convention was happened in which Philippine province?| The Philippines under Spanish Rule |

Cavite. Bonifacio was in negotiations aimed at uniting the Katipuan factions in Tejeros, Cavite. He was invited by Magdalo to settle the governorship of the country, but Magdalo settled for revolutionary government and Magdiwang ("Celebrate" in Filipino) agreed to retain Katipunan.

She was the first woman...
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