The History of Film: Pre-1920s

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The History of Film: Pre-1920s
Cinema is a word everyone is common with, but it wasn’t even discovered before the 90s. In 1824, Peter Mark Roget, a British physician, was the first to mention and to describe the illusion of motion. His description is first step in the development of the cinema.

“Magic lantern” (a device with lens which is used to project images onto the screen), Thamatrope, law of electromagnetic induction, Fantascope, Daedalum, birth of still photography, calotype, Kinematoscope, celluloid, Phasmastrope, Prazinoscope, and incandescent light bulb are all discoveries needed to develop cinema. In the late 19th century, inventions and experiments are being conducted to make moving photography. Muybridge, an early photographer and inventor, studied the loco-motion. He successfully conducted a ‘chronophotography’ experiment in the June of 1878 in California. In 1882, Marey, claimed to invent the cinema, constructed the first camera, which could take 12 photographs per sec of moving object. This is called chronophotography. Later in 1888, Le Princes invented the celluloid. These three men contributed to the development of motion picture.
Inventors, such as Edison and Dickson, also make a huge impact on the development of the cinema; Edison is credited for the development of early motion picture camera and projectors. Dickson also designed another projector in 1891 that is based on the Kinetoscope. He filmed his first film for experiment called Monketshines No.1.

On May 20, 1891, motion picture is first demonstrated for the public. In February 1, 1893, the furst film production studio is created. The first public demonstration of films is on May of 1893. The early films are made in back and white. It is also very short. Modern day movies are very different from it earlier ancestors.
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