The History of Cessna

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Cessna: A global power from humble beginnings
How is this Cessna so successful in today’s struggling economy? Why have they sold so many air planes to customers for various different uses? The Cessna 172 is the best-selling and one of the most widely known aircrafts in production today. Cessna has also sold more aircraft than any other company in the history of aviation.

In the beginning a small farmer from Rago Kansas realized his love for aviation after seeing flying exhibition in Oklahoma City. According to (2012), “built a wood-and-fabric airplane and became the first person to build and fly a powered aircraft in the heartland of America, between the Mississippi River and the Rocky Mountains.” In 1924, Cessna partnered with Lloyd Stearman and Walter Beech to form the Travel Air Manufacturing Company and was its president. In January 1927 he left Travel Air to form the Cessna Aircraft Company. (2012)

Cessna’s company was hit hard when Wall Street collapsed. The Cessna manufacturing company decided to shut down the factories in 1929 to avoid declaring bankruptcy. After this Clyde went off with his son and started building small racing aircraft for only two years. Roy Liggett died in a crash of the CR-2 racer built by Clyde and his son. Cessna was so shaken up by this that he went back to his farm and never returned to aviation. (2012)

The start of the Cessna Company we know today began with Clyde’s nephew Dwane. He worked for Walter Beech, the owner of Beech Craft, but aspired to do more. His dream was to reopen his uncles business. The plan Dwane implemented to revive the dead company was simply upgrading the aircraft. The first major success was the Cessna 170. This is the most widely produced light aircraft in history. The 170 has also trained more pilots than any other aircraft. (2012)

They continued on like this for many years until 1985 when the General Dynamics Corporation purchased them. According...
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