The History of Cell Theory

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The History of Cell Theory

As we all probably know today, every single living being is made up by cells – the building blocks of life. As much as we would like to take this fact for granted, we cannot help but acknowledge and remember the works and discoveries of earlier scientists which all contributed to our today's understanding of the cell theory. The cell theory being; all living things are composed of one or more cells, cells are organisms' basic units of structure and function, and cells only come from existing cells. Their discoveries lead to the development of inventions necessary to induce further research in the area which resulted in the creation of devices such as the microscope.

Robert Hooke
Robert Hooke was probably the greatest experimental scientist of the seventeenth century. He was able to observe cells through studying thin slices of cork which was probably one of his most famous discoveries. He discovered plant cells, and in those he saw what today we know as ‘cell walls'. Hooke was, in fact, the person who first gave them the name of ‘cells' as those box-like cells of cork reminded him of the cells in a monastery. After discovering this in cork slices, he moved on to observing wood and other plants in which he also realized were made up of cells. Further into this, he reported to have discovered "little animals" which we know today as bacteria and protozoa and was able to prove his findings which opened the way for other scientists to pursue their studies in the same matters. He found much difficulty with Anton van Leeuwenhoek's simple microscopes although they conducted clearer images than his own microscope which therefore set to making his own compound microscope which prompted the creation and development of newer and improved microscopes.

His discoveries supported the cell theory because he was amongst the first people to have discovered and partially understood them and given them the name which we still use today. He noticed...

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