The History of Bubble Gum

Topics: Gum, Chewing gum, Fleer Pages: 3 (852 words) Published: October 15, 2012
SPCH 1000/Preparation Outline
March 18, 2012 The History Bubble Gum Introduction
I. Gum. It’s been around for centuries—from the ancient Greeks to the American Indians, everyone’s chewed it. But the best kind of gum—bubble gum!—wasn’t invented until 1928, when an enterprising young accountant at Fleer Gum and Candy used his spare time to experiment with different recipes. (McCarthy, 2010) II. Bubble gum is a type of chewing gum that is especially designed for blowing bubbles (McCarthy, 2010) III. Chewing bubble gum is a common habit in many countries, and although it can offer great pleasure to many individuals, it is also a nemesis for countless parents, school teachers and building custodians because this sticky intruder is often found in children’s hair, on bed posts and under tables, chairs and desk and or sticks to the soles of shoes (Kahtani, 1999). IV. Today I would like to inform you about the invention and commercialism of bubble gum, modern bubble gum today.

Transition: Now that I’ve gotten your attention about bubble gum, let’s find out when and how it was invented. Body
I. Bubble gum was the “brain child” Frank Fleer of the Fleer Corporation (Wardlaw, 1997) A. In the early 1880, two brothers, Henry and Frank Fleer began experimenting with chicle the sticky substance found in sapodilla trees (Wardlaw, 1997) a. The tasteless chicle was called “Chicklets”

B. In 1906, Frank Fleer unveiled the first bubble gum ever (Wardlaw, 1997) a. It was named Blibber-Bubble
b. It was unsuccessful because it was to brittle
c. It produced sticky wet bubbles that splattered when burst d. Had to be removed from the face with turpentine (Redclift, 2004) II. The major difference between bubble gum and chewing gum is the base a. Chewing gum base is a natural gum called chicle harvested from the sap of a tropical tree called a Sopapilla tree. This kind of gum is chewy, but it will...

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