The History of Ancient Greek Art

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Ancient Greek Art
Art was one of the earliest manifestation of culture, this is because it fulfills human kinds need to interpret everything around them including their world and spiritual beliefs. Ancient Greek art is very unique. There are five different forms of Greek art yet there aren’t many that have survived. The statues are the most known because they have Greek characteristics and most of the statues are nude. Their jewelry is also art, they make it out of metal and it signified who they are and their society. Some of the Greek style art celebrates mankind as an independent entity and some are joyous and others are characterized by freedom of expression. Greek art has some Egyptian characteristics but has their own unique characteristics as well. Most Greek art is used for everyday use except for statues and paintings. A lot of Greek art was destroyed over time, and some artwork doesn’t exist anymore at all. Most of what we know is based on written descriptions. The paintings that have survived are mostly those on vases that were made during the Archaic Age. Greek have done great architecture pieces, the most famous being the Parthenon. The art they included in their buildings are in the columns, they use the Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian columns. The most important form of Greek art left is sculpture because the human figure was the principal subject for Greek art, and the Greek believed that “man is the measure of all things” which is clearly shown in Greek sculpture. There are three periods of Greek art; Archaic, Classical, and Hellenic. The Archaic Period takes a lot of the Egyptian art characteristics. Their figures look stiff and unbending. This is the earliest period of Ancient Greek art. In the Classical period Sculptures look more natural and easy. Then the Hellenic period has more detailed musculature art. There are more extreme curves and exaggerated movements. The Greeks used paints made from precious stones, earth and plants.
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