The History Boys Response

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Austin Williams
Film and Literature

Austin Williams
Film and Literature

The History Boys: Literature Response

The history boys is a short novel about a bunch of schoolboys who are in the midst of an English class where they are entwined in a discussion about the unruly topics going on in their life and their balance of school along with it. The discussions that take place range from English to French in language and sex, sports, school, religion, holocaust, politics, and art in topics. This quick paced funny story takes you on a ride through the minds of the students and the often quick witted teacher. These boys talk and ramble on about their studies, tests, and relevant material of history. Through their discussions they throw out many different references to historical works and how they are in relation to their lives. The teacher then tries to add his viewpoints to the discussion, in attempts to improve the viewpoints and future of the students.  In the end, a teacher reminds them that what they just did was a game, to be passed on to other lucky followers.

After the reading, my questions were as follows: Why did the teacher change from English to French (was it because he wanted to spice up the class or just to flirt with the girl?)  Next, why did they have to write on the fourteen foreskins of Christ and what kind of blasphemy is that anyways?  Lastly, why was Henry VIII such an influence on the what they were talking about?
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