The High Middle Ages

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The High Middle Ages were a time of great advancement and prosperity. The High Middle Ages occurred in Europe and Mediterranean regions during the period of time between 1050 AD to 1450 AD. Catholicism was the dominant religion of Europe as the Catholic Church was the only church in Europe. This period of time is characterized by the rapidly increasing population of Europe, which brought about great social and political change. Another sentence. During the High Middle Ages, there achievements in learning, literature, and art that were greatly influenced by Catholicism. First, more people were educated and advances in knowledge were made. The need for education expanded and by the 1100’s, schools had sprung up around the great cathedrals …show more content…
In 1000, monasteries and towns began building cathedrals in the style of Roman buildings. These Romanesque churches had thick walls, and roofs that were long tunnels of stone that covered the main part of the Church’s structure. Ceilings had to be supported by massive, windowless walls to causing these cathedrals to appear dark and gloomy. Gothic churches were later built with stone supports that allowed builders to construct thinner walls and stained glass windows. As many churches were built, stonemasons carved sculptures to decorate them. Most depicted Biblical scenes and the lives of saints and martyrs. Stained glass windows were also created depicting the life of Jesus or other religious themes. These pictures served as a way to educate many of the people that were unable to read. Medieval artists also constructed altarpiece paintings to depict religious ideas and inspire devotion and illuminated books with intricate and miniature paintings of biblical scenes. Catholicism greatly impacted the High Middle Ages as evident in their achievements in education, literature, and the arts. Education dominated the High Middle Ages because people were searching for answers to their questions about the world and their need for better-educated Church clergy. Literature often talked about Catholic themes because they found the ideas of religion interesting and honored religious martyrs. Art was needed to decorate new churches and to inspire devotion. Without the influence of Catholicism, many advances in the High Middle Ages may not have been

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