The Hidden Power Behind the Comics Strips

Topics: Calvin and Hobbes, Comic strip, Bill Watterson Pages: 3 (1262 words) Published: September 29, 2012
The Hidden Power Behind The Comics Strips
The comics strips are a sequence of drawings which arranged in related panels. They usually come in series and used to display brief humor or form a narrative. Also, they may come as only pictures or they may include some text. Let's take " Calvin and Hobbes " as an example. “Calvin and Hobbes” is a comic strip about an imaginary world of Calvin, who is just a six years old boy, with his trusty stuffed tiger named Hobbes. Hobbes is alive only in Calvin's mind and he is Calvin's best friend. This comic strips was created by Bill Watterson, an American cartoonist. Calvin and Hobbes first introduced on November 18, 1985 and took place all around the world until the final series were printed on December 31, 1995 (Watterson 1). Calvin and Hobbes was a funny and smart comic which make it a very successful artwork. It had many perspectives that make the readers think and wonder. One thing that is particularly notable for me about Watterson's artwork is his perspective about the real art. In his opinion, the Ancient Dinosaurs are considered as a real art than the Sculpture Art. On page 51 of " Calvin and Hobbes" comics, Bill Watterson was comparing the Sculpture Art with the Ancient Dinosaurs. He draw Calvin standing in front of two statues with a silly look in his face to one of them. Also, he included a text in which Calvin is speaking sarcastically about the art of sculpture (Watterson 51). In that strip, Calvin was wondering if what he see is supposed to be a great art. Moreover, he called this kind of art " A bunch of decapitated naked people " when he draw a followed strip of Calvin with another silly face. By doing that, Watterson is trying to show us what he think the real art is. He tried to show us his thoughts and opinions about the real art by using his character, Calvin. All these details show us what Watterson think about the Sculpture Art and his perspective in this kind of art. On the...
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