The Hidden Cost of Convenience in a Bottle

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The Hidden Cost of Convenience in a Bottle

Bottled water is everywhere. It can be found in vending machines, the gym, checkout stands, the local drug store, television ads, and at every public event. It is common knowledge that water is an essential daily need for healthy bodies. In our society Americans have become more health conscious. Bottled water companies are aware of this new craze and are using the growing desire for health and convenience to their benefit.

You have seen them, the commercials by major bottling companies, with the star athletes, beads of sweat rolling down their foreheads, guzzling that cold, enticing bottle of water with the eye catching label. The commercial closes with the statements, “drink to your health” or “make your body happy.” Is bottled water healthier than good old tap water? Bottled water is one of the largest health scams of the century! The true facts about bottled water are amazing. Bottled water companies label their bottles with the words; “pure glacier water”, “filtered” and “spring” water, just to name a few. “Pure” water is water from a source that is cleaned of impurities. Consumers should be wondering what the source is and how the water is cleaned. “Filtered” water means that the water was filtered to remove impurities. This should lead the consumer to question the cleanliness of the filters and the source. “Spring water is produced from natural aquifers located around bedrock and soil and continues naturally to the surface” (Martin). Was there a hazardous waste site located close by? Martin an Outreach and Communication Coordinator for Real Mama Inc. claims that “It may also be surprising to learn that sources of bottled water are not always pristine places. The government and industry estimates, about 25% of bottled water is actually bottled tap water.” The Environmental Working Group (EWG), a nonprofit organization that uses public information to protect us and our...

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