The Heroic Journey of Captain Steven Hiller

Pages: 4 (1710 words) Published: March 18, 2014
The Hero Journey of Captain Steven Hiller
Captain Steven Hiller played an extremely important role in the movie Independence Day, and portrayed a phenomenal example of the hero journey. I really enjoyed this character and thought that Will Smith was an excellent choice for the part. With the action packed thrill that was stuffed in every word it kept you on your feet while still giving a clear understanding of how each character was meant to play out, which in this case was by the hero journey. In understanding how this is connected it is important to carefully analyze every significant example Steven Hiller acts out and compare it to the steps of the hero journey. So, if you look at the three main parts: A)Departure, B)Fulfillment, and C)Return it is fairly easy for virtually anyone to see that Steven Hiller obviously did each of these. We can go deeper than that though. It makes the most sense to start with part A. Part A is generally associated with five different actions: 1) The Call to Adventure 2) Refusal of the Call 3) Supernatural Aid 4) The Crossing of the First Threshold 5)The Belly of the Wale. The beginning of Steven Hiller Journey begins with “The Call to Adventure” or when he feels like he has to leave Jasmine and her son to go fulfill his duty as a soldier and fight against the aliens. Although he was upset about the decision he made he knew he had to make it and did not refuse the call like other stories of the hero journey. Sometimes a hero’s supernatural aid is obvious and Steven Hiller can arguably have many aids, but from a personal perspective I think David Levinson was the most important or showed the most significance of being an aid to him because he was with him and helped him throughout the fulfillment and return of his journey. Step four of the departure happens with Steven when he goes into the first battle with the enemy, when he “crosses the threshold”. This step has been described as the time of the adventure were the...
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