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Topics: New Zealand, Edmund Hillary, New Zealand national rugby union team Pages: 3 (965 words) Published: April 15, 2013
The Good Kiwi Bloke
The stereotype that is most commonly associated with New Zealand men is “the good kiwi bloke’. This is a very old stereotype but I believe it is still relevant in today’s society. Its characteristics include, laid back, man of few words, xenophobic, lacks fashion sense, the “she’ll be right attitude”, but the three characteristics I’m going to talk about is the DIY attitude, the idea of good kiwi blokes being modest and the idea of loyalty to mates. This stereotype is portrayed through media texts such as the “mother energy ads” and the mitre 10 “do it yourself” ad. This stereotype affects New Zealand me seem very likeable and hard working. This makes New Zealand a very attractive place to visit because of the way in which NZ men are portrayed. The first characteristic of the kiwi bloke stereotype is “loyalty to mates”. This characteristic is one of the most common characteristics associated with New Zealand men this ad is strongly represented in the media through ads such as the “mother made me do it” ad. In this ad we see this idea of loyalty to mates clearly as the guy gets his mates round help with the backyard of his house. He and his mates end up turning the backyard into an outdoor snooker table. This idea of loyalty to mates is shown through the action of his mates coming round to help him out with a job that needed doing. It also demonstrates the idea of being loyal to your mates instead of your girlfriend, we can tell this because of the actions of his girlfriend when she arrives home. Another example is the Speight’s deer stalker ball ad. This ad demonstrates the characteristic “loyalty to mates” is shown through a man who is offered tickets to a ball by good looking woman, but instead of taking 1 ticket he takes two and gives one to his mate. The tickets were intended for him and her but he took no notice of the women and was only worried about his mate.

The next characteristic of the “good kiwi bloke” stereotype is “modesty”...
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