The Help- Skeeter Monologue

Pages: 2 (507 words) / Published: Feb 26th, 2015
Hi my name is Skeeter I am here today to speak about my experience being a young lady in the 60’s state of Jackson Missipi.

The Jim Crow laws controlled Jackson in the 60’s. The Jim Crow laws are laws that were put in the country to keep coloured people and white people separated. People thought that if coloured people and white people where separated everything would easier. Coloured people couldn’t use the same bathroom they couldn’t eat at the same table as the whites and they always had to give their seat away on the bus if someone wanted it. Rosa Parks, was the lady who didn’t give her seat to white man, she was arrested and was convicted of violating the rules of segregation. Rosa Parks made a huge difference in all states that where placed under the Jim Crow laws.

A few of the maids where constantly pushed around. Minnie was the help for a lady named Hilly. Hilly was always against letting the maids use the whites stuff. Minnie was made to go outside to the help toilet in a storm, so instead she snuck away to the whites toilet and was going to use it when hilly spotted her and Minnie was then fired.

Coloured maids mean more than just a maid to the children they see day in day out. Most of the maids treated the children like they were their own. I was inspired to help the coloured maids because of the close bond I had with Constantine, the maid who raised me. Constantine was like a mother to me. She taught me everything I know. It wasn’t until recently that I found out she had died, both of my parents kept it from me, they told me that she left to live with family, but my mother fired her, now she dead and I didn’t even get to say goodbye, all this time I thought she was alive! Do you know how it feels when someone dies? Well this felt worse it felt like my mother was dead, the one who raised me was dead and I didn’t even know it.

I wrote the book the “help” to support the maids. Each maid had their own story to tell, each of them where treated

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