The Help, Martin Luther King and the African-American Civil Rights Movement

Topics: African American, Southern United States, Martin Luther King, Jr. Pages: 2 (416 words) Published: September 23, 2014
In 2013, we celebrate the 50 years of the March on Washington and of the speech "I Have a Dream", by Martin Luther King. The text was part of the African-American Civil Rights Movement, movement that went down on U.S history and, far, serves as inspiration for movies and books, as is the case of The Help, a book about Mississippi’s society in the 60’s; the movie depicts the inequality and the social problems in the state. The reluctance of white americans to accept legal racial equality exists since the nineteenth century: the end of slavery gave rise to movements that denigrated the black population in order to maintain white supremacy. These movement gained strength in the south and their leaders achieved, through the Democratic Party, political control of the region. With the political control of the Democrats in the south, this group imposed racial segregation as law. The violence against black people increased, segregation worsened poverty and racial inequality, and the black were disfranchised. In this context of segregation, a movement that became known as African-American Civil Rights Movement started; this movement was an action that fought to end discrimination and racial inequality before the law. One of the greatest leaders of the movement was Martin Luther King Jr., protestant pastor and activist of the African-american civil rights. Luther King headed several movements that led to the March on Washington, in 1963, where he delivered his most famous speech: “I Have a Dream”. The civil rights era inspired the author Kathryn Stockett. In 2009, Kathryn released a book called “The Help”, a portrait of racial segregation in the state of Mississippi, during the 60s. The book tells the story of Skeeter, a white woman that, uncomfortable with the attitude her friends have towards their "help", starts to write a book based on the story of the black maids that spend their whole life taking care of white children. The book depicts various problems of racial...
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