The Heart of Our Heritage

Topics: Philippines, Filipino language, National language Pages: 2 (392 words) Published: August 26, 2013
“LANGUAGE is the foundation of unity and understanding between the people and the nation itself and the backbone of our culture and race.”

Our country Philippines, the nation called pearl of the east, the paradise which is nourished with wealthy cultures and traditions. You are made up of one language and one thought, which symbolize our freedom as a country, our unity as people and our oneness as mankind.

Our country is an archipelago, expected and for sure we have so many different dialects which the people used to be, but still we are one and united because of the love and treasure that our fellowmen did, to preserve our beloved culture. Now, even though we are on the stage of globalization, that we are now being citizen of the world, still it did not take place our sacred culture and race but remained and preserved.

Yes, it’s good to learn more languages, because as they have said language is knowledge, but remember that multilingualism is an asset to an individual but never to a country.

Language does a very great role in a country to stand firmly and peacefully. This is our distinction to other countries and our identification as Filipino citizens.

For continues productivity and preservation of our culture and our Filipino race, we must love and give importance to our national language which is Filipino. We must use it and show love and respect to it. This is a representation of being a nationalist in which we are.

Our forefathers shed their bloods, defend and fight our country; to prevent our own culture and race to be face out and conquered by those invaders.

Filipino language, our official national language. We must embrace it, and disseminate it to the world for our culture and race will be remained, and for our identities and tradition be recognized. So that in this case they will be all preserved and productive.

Fellow Filipinos, as far as I know we are multi-linguistic and educated individuals, we can speak foreign languages...
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