The Heart Aroused

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“The Heart Aroused”
Thoughts for Reflection and Discussion
Q. What would it take to start using the word destiny in the context of my own life and daily work? How do I grant magnificence to my own journey? How do I see the constraints, responsibilities, and weights on my life as gateways rather than barriers to the life I want for myself?

A. By definition, destiny is a predetermined, usually inevitable, or irresistible course of events. In other words, destiny means fate. Destiny is something that is bound to happen, no matter what. To use this word in the context of my own life and daily work is definitely possible, but would be difficult. I think that destiny is an extremely strong word that is not in enough people’s vocabularies. I would say that the most common occasion that I hear this word is in the context of the phrase “you control your own destiny”. In my opinion, as cliché as this sounds, it is very true and highly effective. Yes, destiny is a predetermined series of events, but you can still have a hand in with happens to your destiny. For example, the harder you work at something, the luckier you will get. People allow “barriers” in life to prevent them from achieving goals, instead of moving further down their journey in life.

Q. How do I bring into my work the questions about my own destiny that enliven, embolden, and perhaps even scare me a little? What questions do I need to ask secretly and alone and what questions need support and conversation?

A. As a student currently in college, I hold a large amount of power in my life, and what is ahead of me. Obviously, I would like to someday have a job that I absolutely love and enjoy. But, this is not always easy. It is right now in my life that I must ask myself questions such as, “how do I want to live my life when I am older?” or “what job will I be willing to put all of my heart and soul into?”. These questions are what I will attempt to base my studies and further learning upon. It is very scary to think about the future and what it will bring. Currently, I have absolutely no idea what I will be doing in the next five years. Yes, I have plans to graduate college and get a master’s degree all in the next four years, but after that the road is open. I have no idea what I will be doing for a career, where I will be living, or who I will be friends with. I must work hard and carefully and be sure to make good decisions in the near future which will eventually lead me to destiny. Beowulf: Power and Vulnerability in the Workplace

Q. What is my own equivalent of Grendel’s mother? What clues or hints do I have as to what I find difficult to confront about myself? What are the things I find difficult to face about my own relationships to my work? What conversational waters must I enter that seem dark and fearful to me? What conversations are unspoken taboos in my organization? What is Grendel’s mother for my organization?

A. For something to be my own equivalent of Grendel’s mother, it would have to be something I must overcome. It must be something I need to fight off to reach success. I would say that my equivalent would be my education. This is something that I must fight and work to overcome. Today, education is like a gateway to the rest of life. Without it, it is very difficult to go anywhere. If Beowulf did not kill Grendel’s mother, he would have been killed, and his legend would not have continued on. There are many instances when I am not loyal to my work. I do not put in nearly as much effort as I should. There are times when I only do enough to “get by”, and I do not perform to my best ability. I need to begin to set goals to maximize my effort, which will allow me to defeat my equivalent to Grendel’s mother.

Q. Who are the people in the workplace with whom I can discuss matters of the heart? If I do not have a confidant in the workplace, where do I have the conversations that matter?
A. For me,...
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