The Healing Hospital

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The purpose of this paper is to take a look at the delicate balance of all the aspects of healing in relationship to one another. Much of the focus of modern medicine has shifted from the emotional, spiritual, aspect of the patient to just mere medicine and the advancement of procedures, equipment and technology. The author of this paper aims to show an important and much overlooked relationship between the spiritual aspect of the patient and healing. All too often, the patient as a whole does not get treated. Hospitals get ran as a business instead of a place of respite and healing. You may ask what can be done about this, and there is in fact a movement that is occurring in health care that addresses this very issue. Let’s take a look at how some hospitals are changing their culture to address this issue.

As stated in the earlier paragraph, medicine has become so advanced with the focus being on cutting edge technology it has lost sight of a basic principle. The idea of healing ultimately taking place inside the patient seems foreign. Sleep nutrition, and a sense of wellbeing must be present in order for medical interventions to be optimally effective. How many times have nurses heard a patient complain of being woken up to be offered a sleeping pill, or because the lab came at 0300, or that the nurse’s station, or intercom system is too loud? You are probably thinking of an example as you read this. All healthcare professionals know adequate sleep and stress reduction are necessary for optimal healing to occur, so why is this happening? Why are hospitals so noisy, and non-condusive to healing? What is the benefit of spiritual wellbeing to the healing of the patient? Let us explore this a little more. Spiritual wellbeing that encompasses the patient as well as their family and support system is very important. Obviously medical competence and cutting edge medical treatments are important, but they will always be more effective if the patient...

References: Chapman, E. (2007). Radical loving care: Building the healing hospital in America.
Holy Bible, King James Version (2012)
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