The Headache in Society

Topics: Gender, Sexual intercourse, Young adult Pages: 1 (278 words) Published: October 16, 2012
Is Hooking Up Bad for Young Women?
I. Summary
In the Context article “Is Hooking Up Bad for Women”, the authors explore the positive and negative aspects of women hooking up at young ages. The article starts off by explicitly stating that it will “counter claims that hooking up represents a sudden and alarming change is youth sexual culture.” (Armstrong, Hamilton, and England: 23) We are told that research and scholars have found that “sexual double standards [are the] key source of gender inequality in sexuality”. (Armstrong, Hamilton, and England: 23) From there it takes a more historical approach, explaining that today’s teens and young adults are not in fact having more sex then their parents did (some 40-50 years ago). Surveys reported about 80% of college kids hook up at some point during their four years, where roughly half of that 80% has only had 3 or fewer hookups total. The article then explains that “hooking up isn’t radically new, and that the big change in adolescent and young adult sexual behavior occurred with the baby boomers [years ago].” (Armstrong, Hamilton, and England: 24) The mood then shifts, where hooking up is viewed in a more positive aspect. According tot he article, hooking up can be good because there are minimal emotional risks involved, which makes sexual interactions fun and casual. The article then contrasts the problems and benefits associated with hookups. It reveals how hookups are more damaging for women then men, and how the sexual double standard continues to plague societies’ view of women hooking up. Next, the article contrasts that relationships aren’t all perfect either, and that they can often hinder normal college
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