The Haunted Vase

Topics: Paranormal, Ghost, Mind Pages: 3 (758 words) Published: April 16, 2014
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22 January 2012
The Haunted Vase
Most people wouldn’t consider a haunted object that scary or even much of a threat, let alone a little vase. That would just seem unreal. Can an inanimate object, something with no life at all about it be haunted? (Wagner) A paranormal researcher by the name of Stephen Wagner asked a similar question in “The Haunted Painting”. The title of this article clearly states that this story was about a painting. But this story that I’m about to share is about a vase a harmless lifeless vase. Could it be what the writers of the “History of Ghost Stories” define to be a ghost, a specter or a spirit that lives separately from the human body (History of Ghost Stories)? You can never be too sure about these types of things and that’s a mystery that plagues the human mind. Can an inanimate object be haunted is still the main question that needs to be answered and with the story that I’m about to share it’s up to the reader to determine that. This story is about a woman who goes by the name of Janice. She’s what some of you might call a “packrat.” She sees something likes and there’s a good deal on it, you better believe she will pick it up to carry home. Janice likes to collect old antique type things like, flower pots, vases, clocks and things of that sort, but this certain particular purchase that Janice makes on this day I’m pretty sure will change her mind about always picking up everything that you see and that, that type of shopping isn’t always best. The local Salvation Army is where Janice frequents often. They’re close and that’s really convenient for her, they don’t tend to be too pricy, and they also tend to have some pretty good deals going on. It was an ordinary summer day in Georgia. There were only a few people in the store shopping along with Janice. She happened to be looking at the glass items, like the typical flower vases that the local florist has on sale for like 65 cents. When she looked behind some of...

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