Topics: Atlantic Ocean, Baltic Sea, English-language films Pages: 2 (747 words) Published: January 10, 2015
It stood on a cliff, facing the brackish water of the Atlantic Ocean and overlooking the boundless horizon. It was crooked with rusty old zincs and infested with all manner of devilish creatures. No trees ever grew on the plot of land from which it stood and nobody ever goes up to the cliff anymore for they all feared the old abandoned, haunted house. I had heard many stories from the old folks about this so-called ‘haunted house’. It was said that about ten years ago, an old woman lived there and it was said that she was gifted with in the arts of black magic but one day, while practicing her rituals at the edge of the cliff, it gave away and she fell to her death in the water of the Atlantic. So it is said that the house overlooks the sea because it waits for its mistress’s return from the depths. Villager have said that on moonlit nights, the sound of a piano could be heard emanating from the house playing Beethoven’s sonata. But I Sebastian verlac smith, refuse to believe in such monstrous make believe. In my opinion, such stories are childish and only men who are cowards would be afraid of such tales. I’m fourteen years old and a grown man such stories are mere child’s play and I never indulge in them. “I refuse, I just simply refuse to believe in such unappealing and childish stories cause they aren’t true”, I shouted to my Grandma as I slammed my bedroom’s door shut.” Just imagine people believing in myths and tales” I said shrugging my shoulders. That night, I stood facing the house from my window and I whispered into the night air “one day I shall prove them wrong for your are nothing but a myth”. One night, while returning home from a friend’s house it had gotten a little late so I had decided to take the shortcut home. Not many people used this path because it entailed crossing paths with the haunted house ,but I wasn’t afraid, while walking the deserted road, suddenly, the rain began to fall so I sought to seek shelter in the...
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