The Haunted House

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Hallowman House - Lost Junge
This year, get into the Halloween spirit by visiting the following online and offline haunted houses.

Halloween is a special day of the year that is celebrated by many around the world. Some people celebrate by trick-or-treating or dressing up in elaborate costumes and attending various parties. Others go all out by decorating the inside and outside of their homes. And some brave souls get into the Halloween spirit by visiting scary corn mazes and creepy haunted houses.

For many people, haunted houses are a big part of the Halloween tradition and mystique. Not for the faint of heart, some haunted houses are created specifically for the holiday celebration, while others are believed to be inhabited and haunted by real ghosts and entities. The following websites provide online and offline haunted houses with some very special tour guides

Haunted Houses for Adults

* Virginia Varela – The Virginia Varela Interactive Haunted House is super creepy. Brave visitors wander the virtual haunted house, armed only with a flashlight. It is recommended users play in the dark for an extra scary experience. Flash is required.

* Bone Garden – This online haunted house from Bone Garden is totally scary. Read the tragic story of the family who inhabited the grounds many years ago. View the map and wander through the virtual mansion and cemetery to find the clues as to what transpired. This activity is not recommended for young children.

* Hearse Ghost Tours – Spend 90 minutes touring the historical cities of Savannah, St. Augustine and New Orleans in this real-life offline adventure. Visit actual cemeteries and homes in a real hearse and hear the stories of the haunted. The Hearse Ghost Tours website includes special effects and music for those interested in the actual tour.

Haunted Houses for Children

* LostJungle Hallowman House – This online Halloween word game is suitable for the entire family. Players have...
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