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Topics: Franklin W. Dixon, The Hardy Boys, Detective fiction Pages: 1 (406 words) Published: January 19, 2002
The story I read is from the series of books " The Hardy Boys ". The story's name is " The Mystery of the Spiral Bridge " and it was written by Franklin W. Dixon. I have been reading books about the Hardy Boys since I was in primary and I have been enjoying them all this time because I like adventures and because the main characters are boys like me. Some types of curious boys like adventures. In the series of the Hardy Boys there are over 80 different mystery books full of adventures one can enjoy reading. It all started when they saw their father being transported to the hospital after landing with his private plane. Their father became mad after he was kidnapped and tortured by a gang of ex-convicts and then he was set free by a mysterious person. Searching for clues to their father's kidnappers, Frank and Joe join a construction crew – a gang of ex-convicts who will stop at nothing to prevent them from learning the secret of the Spiral Bridge. They had had several attempts on their lives from different people in different places during their investigation. They became to know about mysterious people whom worked in the construction crew. They tried to kill them during a run by some of the workers as they ran for their lives through the tangled undergrowth. Three of the workers while running with revolvers were shouting " Stop, or we'll shoot ". For their fortune one of them had found a waterfall. Seconds later they burst through the thundering cascade. Sucking in lungfuls of air, the boys sank beneath the surface. How long could they hold out…? This all finishes in a sort of cave made by the kidnappers, in which they hid their father and tortured him. The characters I enjoyed most were Joe and his brother Frank. They were very keen detectives who tried to do everything to find the mystery of their father's kidnapping. They were also risk takers, because a lot of time their lives were in danger but still they kept going with their job.

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