The Hardest Thing in Life

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the hardest thing to do….. Reality bites that the hardest thing to do in life is to decide which decision you should come up to…

Life had tested me through different circumstances to come up to a verdict and never did i had any remorse.I chose it so I stood for it.However, life doesn’t stop from one decision you made.Once you have decided about one thing another situation will arise. Should I be happy for that?Well,,I guess so!!!Simply because it justifies that I’m still alive and kicking.All I have to do is to dance with the music of life.

As per my situation right now,I really have to be clever enough in making a decision because I gave up everything I had before.I have a stable job in my own land of birth.Never can I complain of having a husband whom I’m really proud of..I also have the best mother in the world….So, what else can I ask for? Hence, I have to grab the opportunity that knocked into my door…..that is to work abroad.Most of the people say that it is indeed a really great advantageous circumstance.Yes, it is!!!But prior to this is the fact that I’m away from those who are dear to my heart. I have to fight the greatest battle I’ve ever encountered….HOMESICKNESS………Hence,at the back of my mind, I keep on consoling myself that I’m not alone in this battle….In addition are those other people abroad who are suffering the same hardship I’m going through …..Thus, it is necessary for me to keep on enduring this for now.

On the other hand, the conflict lies between going home to be with my family or otherwise stay for another contract. These are the two things which are flustering my mind for quite a long time. I can comprehend that nobody else can help me except myself. Moreover, this is another "HEART and MIND" deliberation…..analization……dddddaaaaahhhhh….CONFUSIONS……It is very hard to decide,though…There are fears of what lies ahead. I’m just comforting myself,trying to understand that whatever decision I will come up with, I should

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