The Happy Prince Summary

Topics: Emotion, Suffering, Love Pages: 2 (601 words) Published: July 16, 2015

The Happy Prince
The title “The Happy Prince” implied the main topic depicted by the author Oscar Wild-- emotions. It clarified the idea that there was a statue placed downtown as a monument of a prince who lived in the Sanssouci Palace in Potsdam near Berlin and died early in his life, the prince lived in luxury which had been filled with empty pleasure throughout his whole life. Ironically, the happy prince whose feet were concreted on the ground saw poverty, sufferer and helplessness in ordinary people and his heart that was filled with sympathy echoed with those going through a tough life. At the end, the happy prince devoted jewelries and his golden appearance with the help of his love—the swallow into good cause resulting them both been disposed by the mayor and replaced by the mayor`s own statue. The story of the Happy Prince is categorized as allegory. It demonstrates that not only the incredible self-serving dispositions in human nature but also the significance of charity. We learn that interminably sacrificing oneself will bring you destruction rather than admiration, also we can be aware that love and philanthropism endear us to God. The character happy prince once lived in glory palace was charming, but selfish. He had been indulging himself in desires and pleasure without caring for ordinary citizens. However, he transformed into a different person who is compassionate, kind and loving, even weeps when he heard other`s struggle and suffer. He then turned to ask lingering swallow into helping him to be the massager carrying the jewelries and golden leaps that were inlayed in his statue to those helpless people in order to make them survive from poorness. The prince was selfless enough to sacrifice himself and devote all of the belongings including sapphire, red ruby and gold to his people whom were led to a destructive path in his destiny. The divine sprit like god is considerate and gracious asked his angle to take the happy...
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