The Happiest Moment of My Life

Topics: High school, Rooms, Prayer Pages: 2 (723 words) Published: September 6, 2011
There is not only one happy moment in my life that I can share, but a lot of them that I am not even able to describe them with my words. If I talk about the happiest moment of life, it is when I got accepted to YES Program. It was afternoon on one of school days I was really tired, and it was my midterm exams as well. I was tired of going to school, but I was happy since it was my last year in school. I was studying that day; I remembered that I haven’t prayed yet so I went out of my room to pray. While I was praying my mom’s cell phone rang, I had a feeling that this phone call is for me. My older sister picked up the phone and she was looking at me, it made me surprised that why she is looking at me. After a while max, she cut the phone and started shouting. I finished my praying and then my mom told me that you passed the final test for YES Program and you are one of the finalists. One day when I was a junior in high school my teacher asked me to go to the conference room after I finish my class. I was worried because I escaped one of my classes that day and I thought she is going to talk about that. But after the class when I went to the conference room there were lots of students from my school. Besides there were a girl and a boy from American Councils for International Studies, they talked to us about a program called YES (Youth Exchange and Study). Basically this program was a one year scholarship for high school students. I took this chance and got the entry card to take the test other day. After one day I and my friends we went to the test center in one of Kabul’s high school. The test was supposed to start at 8:00 a.m. By the time we got there it was 9:00a.m., I was worried because I thought we cannot take the test since we are too late. When I entered the school yard, there were hundreds of students from all Kabul girls’ high schools. After I saw all those girls, I lost my hope and I told to myself that it is not hard but impossible for me to get...
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