The halal Market in France

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The consumers
In France, the Muslim population is estimated at 5 million. About 70% are origins of the Magreb countries (Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia), while others are from diverse African Muslim origins. Factors that should be considered concerning their eating habits i. Home made foods: Unlike other muslim consumers especially in UK, the French Algerians, Moroccans and Tunisian are closely related to their families. Thus homemade foods are the most popular food and are mainly consumed. ii. Purchasing power: Most of the French Muslims has a lower purchasing power compared to the French. Their average income is around the country’s minimum wage range or slightly higher of around Euro1,220 compared to the national average of between Euro1,550 and Euro1,850.00. With a lower income, these Muslims dine mostly at home or eat at low cost halal food restaurants or buy take away halal sandwiches. In rare cases they seen eating in exclusive French restaurants not mentioning other Foreign restaurants. iii. Local French food: The French Muslims especially the Algerians, Moroccans and Tunisians are now the third generation living in France. Their daily food today also includes French dishes and many of their housewives are capable to prepare various halal French recipes. iv. Other foreign foods: The French Muslims are not adventurous people as compared to the local French. Most of them, the French Muslims, are quite reluctant to eat in restaurants serving food which are alien to them. Moreover, these Muslims do not spend their holidays other than their own motherlands, thus less knowledgeable compared to the French where foreign foods are concerned.


Date : July 2004

Even though, the younger Muslim French generations do eat in restaurants but they either eat halal dishes (vegetables or fish) or to some extend eat non halal meat excluding pork. Halal food do exist in France....
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