The Guard and Red Veins

Topics: The Guard, Guard, Door Pages: 6 (2398 words) Published: April 26, 2013
Megan Dement
Dr. G.S. Lewis
CSDY 3323
December 11th 2012
Land of the Redeemed
There are only three prisons in the teeming city of Nikoau. Baolict Prison: for those who commit crimes of disloyalty or treachery. Shamua Prison: for those who commit crimes of thievery. Nolodao Prison: for those who commit violent crimes and harm the sanctity of the body and mind. Nolodao is the place where Yyusuk, the son of the Devil, calls home. Yyusuk didn’t remember any other place except Nolodao, nor did he remember having any possessions, relationships or any other lifestyle. The only people he ever saw were the guards and the only people he ever talked to were the inmates. He knew and learned only what they had told him, and what they had told him was little. The first thing Yyusuk learned of was his name. From the beginning of his memory, he remembered the inmates calling him Devil Son. When he asked them as a child what a devil was, he was told it was the ruler of all evil and the one who caused all suffering. Asking them why they called him such a name produced no answer to quell his curiosity. They would respond in riddles or give him no answer at all. The guards however, called him by another name whenever they took him from his cell: Yyusuk. He couldn’t ask them why they called him that name lest he be punished. He had made that mistake once in his life and it was not worth repeating. Thankfully he preferred the name Yyusuk more than Devil Son so he accepted his title without contemplation or pursuit. Yyusuk sat on the floor of his cell in his preferred spot, his back against the icy stone wall and facing the cell door. Outside of his cell was a lone torch perched on the corridor wall facing his cell door, its light creeping through the metal bars and coming short of his feet by a few inches. The edges of the bar’s shadows wavered on the ground, mimicking the flame that fluttered with each sudden touch of air. He sat with his knees bent, drawn to his chest and his feet on the ground while his arms hung loosely on top of his knees. The faint clanking of metal footsteps on stone suddenly echoed into his ears, making them twitch. His head jerked up to look at his cell door. He stood, careful to not make a sound as he did so, the sound of footsteps becoming more pronounced. Yyusuk peered through the metal bars at an angle, looking around the corner of the barred door to see more clearly. The torch light was limited in reach as he stared unblinkingly at its edge, waiting for the footsteps to present their master. He made a silent prayer that the guard would come to his cell and take him to see the Healer. It had been years since he had been taken to the Healer and it was the most exciting thing he had ever experienced. No one, including himself, ever spoke, but watching the Healer perform his duties while using instruments and odd devices was refreshing. It was the only thing he looked forward to. The steady sound of footsteps finally climaxed into vision, the shadows burned away from the figure as torchlight washed over him. The figure was a typical Raiyian guard who was a head taller than Yyusuk with a slender physic. He didn’t know much about the guards, only that they were all from the Raiyian race and they had unnatural abilities. He was wrapped in the standard attire; Black armored gloves, boots, and a mask like helmet that covered all but the lower half of his face. Each piece was made of the same slinky thin black metal with a design of blood red crystallized veins etched against the metal surrounding it. The mask’s design was the most intricate part of his attire, the red veins shaping into the form of eyes and a nose where they should be, with twisted and curved lines on the sides of the helmet. On each side of the solid twisted lines were dots of red mimicking their motion. A seamless oily black material covered his body where his skin should have appeared, ending underneath his chin. The lower half of his...
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