The Growth of Balance of Payments and Sectoral Growth of Bangladesh

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The growth of balance of payments and sectoral growth of Bangladesh.

The growth of balance of payments and sectoral growth of Bangladesh.

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Mohammad Ahshanullah
Assistant Professor
United International University

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5th May, 2012

Letter of Transmittal

5th May, 2012
Mohammad Ahshanullah
Assistant Professor
School of Business
United International University

Dear Sir,

Here is the recommendation term paper on “the growth of balance of payments and sectoral growth of Bangladesh” that you authorized in your letter on 28th April, 2012.

As you read the term paper, you will get some idea about the balance of payments of Bangladesh. This term paper contains all the necessary information about the balance of payments of Bangladesh.

We have tried our best to fulfill the requirements of this Report. By preparing this report, we have learned a great deal of knowledge.

We, therefore, pray and hope that you will encourage our work by accepting this report and if you have any further queries about the report you can contact us.


Prosenjit Kumar Mondal

(On behalf of the group)




First of all, we would like to give thank to almighty, who gave us the ability and strength to carry out this term paper.

This study is the outcome of the term paper of International Business the course instructed by Mohammad Ahshanullah, Assistant Professor of United International University. This term paper help students to supplement the experience and skills gather from a particular field.

We are indebted to them who have directly and indirectly assisted us in conducting the study. Specially, we are thankful to our honorable teacher because of his assistance gives us the opportunity to start our term paper promptly.

We are also indebted to the websites that indirectly helped us in completing our term paper specially collecting information.

Finally, we own a profound intellectual debt to our friends for their part time help, assistance and valuable advice in thinking and developing of this term paper.

Executive summary

Balance of payments is a statistical statement that systematically summarizes, for a specific time period, the economic transactions of an economy with the rest of the world. Transactions, for the most part between residents and nonresidents, consist of those involving goods, services, and income; those involving financial claims on, and liabilities to, the rest of the world. Closely related to the flow-oriented balance of payments framework is the stock-oriented international investment position.

The Bangladesh Bank prepares balance of payments positions (BOP) of the country following the IMF Balance of Payments Manual. The data are derived from various sources such as foreign...
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