The Growth of Artificial Intelligence and Its Relevance to the Matrix

Topics: Artificial intelligence, The Matrix, Computer Pages: 7 (2789 words) Published: December 26, 2006
Have you ever been uncertain about the world you live in, and the reality of the truth? The fear of knowing is a common response to most of what we do not know. The real answers make it apparent, that some wish not to understand the truth about everything. Society has made life so self-explanatory that the unknown has now become a mission to be kept a secret. Some are in fear of finding the truth, due to the fact it could have substantial affects on the entire human race. The world as we know it could prosper or fail with any new attempts in high-risk technology. Science and new advancements in artificial intelligence have made it accessible to finding out more than humans have every imagined possible. The development of the computer was a long strenuous process, which took many trials and errors to make effective as seen now in the twentieth century. It seems very unreal that humans would enable machines with so much ability to think evil, or is it? The reality of this topic is that mechanical machines have proven to adapt features of their own if controlled by certain conductors. Artificial intelligence is a field of its own with many successful milestones and it continues to thrive in the twentieth century as a major aid in the future. The idea of machines compelling power to control or destroy humans can be seen depicted throughout history in sci-fi movies. In the particular movie entitled, The Matrix, directed and written by brothers Laurence and Andrew Wachowski in 1999. This film shows a new form of technology, not only in through the plot but also its special affects and symbols. The upcoming millennium also marked a perfect time to release such a complex film for the public viewing pleasures. The Matrix takes place nearly century ahead in the future. The human race is nothing, but virtual slaves controlled by a race of intelligent machines. The background to movie revolves around the first creation of artificial intelligence and its evolution. When first created in the early twentieth first century, the machines raised an army of intelligent self-aware mechanized beings. Machines won the fight for the earth and they then used human energy and solar energy as their major supply source. Due to humans attempting to deplete solar energy and win back earth. The machines compensated for the battle by using the human race as a source of bioelectric power. The advanced technology of the machines then placed humans in the replicated world known as the "matrix". This computer-generated dream world is a replication of mother earth. It was designed by the machines to keep humans sedated and unaware of outcome of the real world. The characters and symbols used throughout this movie reflect upon artificial intelligence. Advancements in technology in this movie prove to show that computers have the ability to overwhelm society and take over. Throughout the world, there are new discoveries daily that may have little or no impact on us as beings on earth. It is the future discoveries that are hidden and have the potential to change society and the entire living universe. The world we live in today and in particular the United States, is a fast pace society, continuously changing. Computer technology has advanced into new forms of highly intelligent machines, which now aid humans in more than just labor work. Computer generated machines are the powerhouses of many businesses, communities, and economies. Mind mentally is very hard to clone, as is the human body's organs. Artificial intelligence proves that a machine has the ability to think and act, as do humans. Although they cannot feel emotions, as humans machines take on a personality of their own. A popular theme for mostly all sci-fi movies is some kind of advanced form of technology compelling strong power over humans. The filmmakers then made it a mission to expose the truth about artificial intelligence and its relevance to their story. Artificial intelligence defined, is...

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