The growing acceptance of same-sex marriage within contemporary US society

Topics: Homosexuality, Sexual orientation, Same-sex marriage Pages: 3 (801 words) Published: March 1, 2014
The growing acceptance of same-sex marriage within contemporary US society

In the United States, the rise in acceptance and support of same-sex marriage has been especially dramatic over the past decades. Back in the old days, the majority of people considered being homosexual a crime. Homosexuality was even illegal at some point; people could have been isolated from their family, lost their jobs, or even be punished with death penalties all because they were in love with someone of the same sex. Not to mention, same-sex marriage was unrealistic, impossible, and was not even contemplated as a topic of discussion. But since then, the society has progressed remarkably. Not only is being homosexual no longer seen as a sin, same-sex marriage has also become legal in many countries like New Zealand, Canada, and Spain, as well as many states in the U.S such as California and Washington. It has truly been a long battle for these people who supported homosexuality by standing up for what they believed in.

The growing acceptance of this particular social phenomenon comes down to many causes. Firstly, and most importantly, is the powerful cultural influence of government policies and such. People look up to lawmakers and the constitution. Many of the laws that restricted homosexuals from doing what ‘normal’, heterosexual people were able to do, were abandoned. This allowed people to re-evaluate their stance on such a controversial issue, and many of them immediately changed their view on homosexuality, or same-sex marriage in particular, under the influence of the government.

Secondly, traditions and customs have changed overtime. A notable example is that most people who lived in the past did not get to choose whom they wanted to get married to. As opposed to nowadays where the most of us, who live in a first world country, do get to choose according to our own will. Many young people think the idea that ‘two people who are madly in love but cannot have a...
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