The Griffith Observatory

Topics: Griffith Observatory, Griffith Park, Los Angeles Pages: 1 (264 words) Published: May 21, 2009
The Griffith Observatory Movie Review
This film was about the history of the Griffith Observatory a land mark located in the city of Angels. The Griffith observatory began in 1896 as a vision of its previews owner Griffith J Griffith who wanted to inspired people through astronomy. Today the Griffith observatory is a public park own by the City of Los Angeles. The Griffith observatory was first open on May 14, 1935 since then this popular cite has become one of the most visited place in Los Angeles; attracting hundreds of Hollywood’s movie producers, general public with the sciences sparking interest in astronomy, and scientific researchers. The Griffith observatory offers public telescopes, astronomy exhibitions, and planetary theaters.

The film also talked about the Griffith comprehensive renovation and expansion. After nearly 65 years of heavy use, the Griffith observatory finally closed its doors in 2002 for an ambitious public-private partnership to renovate and enhance the observatory’s ability to serve the public. The renovation objectives were to restore the building to preserve its original splendor, but to come up with the necessary improvements for the current level of use; to develop a state of the art immersive planetarium environment; to expand the public space to improve visitor’s experiences without changing the building’s historic appearance; to develop a new exhibit to inspire and to inform astronomical observers.

This film went along with the wonderful experience of visiting the Griffith observatory the following week, which gave us the students the opportunity to enjoy the visit and be proud of our city landmarks.
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