The Grey Movie Analysis 2

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The Grey
A crew of Alaskan oil-drillers find themselves in a battle with nature after their plane crashes. As the crew tries to make a camp around the wreckage of the plane, its members discover that they are being watched. The plane has crashed near a wolf den, causing these creatures to aggressively attack the survivors. As the wolves follow them, John Ottway, who is one of these survivors (played by Liam Neeson), starts to see his fellow survivors as actual people as opposed to "...assholes, men unfit for mankind.” Separated from society, the individuals remaining from the crash reveal the person they truly are instead of what they were made to be by their circumstances. As Ottway sees his companions picked off one by one, he questions himself, his new friends, and the God in which he lost faith sometime before. To be sure, with a title such as The Grey, audiences can anticipate a few hazy moments, unexpected turns, and a strong performance by the always heroic Liam Neeson. On the surface, the audience would be led to believe that The Grey portrays man’s struggle against the elements. Certainly, the characters in the film were challenged with both the Alaskan wilderness and the threat of a territorial wolf pack. But as the film begins, the audience quickly realizes there are some much deeper, philosophical challenges being portrayed. The title of the film, The Grey, seems to indicate a dark film. The word grey can also be defined as dull or lacking character and as Liam describes the men he works with and protects in the opening line of the movie, the viewers may make the connection of the film’s title with the story line to follow. As the movie progresses, the story evokes emotion and philosophical thinking among the men collectively and each of them individually. Each man is battling his own character flaws while attempting to simply survive in a place where such large predators thrive and the elements may ultimately win. When seeing the...

Cited: The Grey. Perf. Liam Neeson. Universal Studios Home Entertainment, 2012. Film.
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