The Green Revolution Dbq

Topics: Agriculture, Famine, World population Pages: 3 (1068 words) Published: December 11, 2012
Although the Green Revolution was started to end world hunger and the disparity in developing countries, it caused other consequences which included population growth and changes in genetic diversity of certain plants and cultural lifestyles. This revolution introduced the use of new technology and many scientifically altered crops to the world. With the rise in food supply, the population increased and some countries weren’t as starving as before. But with the advancement in technology and crop varieties, the environment and some societies suffered.

Before the revolution, many countries were miserable. Without enough food supply to feed their people, the populations were vulnerable to disease and could be a threat to more successful areas (Doc.3). Also, there were many developing countries that had unreliable land that produced low amounts of crops which caused malnutrition and starvation, the Green Revolution was supposed to fight world hunger (Doc.4). The authors of these documents are promoting the revolution. In the president’s inaugural speech, he explains how he thinks that having more food will bring about change in the world (Doc.3). The U.S agricultural scientist, who was involved in the research of the revolution, believed that it created hope for deprived countries that there would be a period of relief from world hunger (Doc.4). An additional document that would be useful for finding a cause would be an article reporting the living conditions of third world countries before and after the Green Revolution. By having a report such as this one, you could compare the living conditions and see whether or not the revolution brought about change that would have helped these countries. After 1945, crop yields started to increase as well as world population with the new rise in food supply resulting from the Green Revolution (Doc.1&2). In Mexico and India the rise in wheat yields began after the advancements from the revolution (Doc.1). Also, as the food...
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