The Greatest Film Ever- the Shawshank Redemption

Topics: The Shawshank Redemption, Academy Award for Best Actor, Films considered the greatest ever Pages: 4 (733 words) Published: October 24, 2010
Although in the film industry there have been millions of films created, there is one
that stands above the rest. It is One that captures the viewer’s attention, one that will keep

you wanting more, and one you will not soon forget. Some would argue this film as the

greatest of its era, but it is very possibly the greatest movie of all time. This movie is known as

The Shawshank Redemption. Out of the multiple reasons why this film is the greatest of all time,

three in particular come to mind. The first and probably most convincing reason why this

movie is the best ever is the fact that it was nominated for seven Oscars. Another very

important reason is the nearly perfect cast for the nearly perfect movie. Finally, the Internet

Movie Database (IMDb) has voted for the best two-hundred and fifty movies ever, The

Shawshank Redemption was number one as the best movie, voted by the mass of viewers that

regularly vote.

Many great movies receive not so much as a single award for their efforts, though this

movie not only received twelve wins and thirteen nominations, scattered throughout were

multiple important awards, it also received seven Academy Award nominations, or Oscars.

Oscars are arguably the most prestigious awards given out each year, awarded for excellence

in cinematic achievements. The Academy Award is an accolade by the American Academy of

Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to recognize excellence of professionals in the film industry,

including directors, actors, and writers. The scene that I recall the most profoundly, showed

me why Morgan Freeman was nominated the Oscar for “best actor in a leading role”. This

scene, like the rest of the film, was more dramatic then anything else. The scene is near the

end of the movie, after Andy and Red both get out of Shawshank prison. Andy is out for a few

scenes, while Red is starting his new life in the real world and still putting...
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