The Great Literary Work of Solomon

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The Great Literary Works Of Solomon Essay
In conducting my research on the books of the Bible Psalms and Proverbs, I will be giving a comparison and a contrast of both of these books. The book of Psalms purpose was used to directly manifest the spoken word, to help us understand God’s character through praise, complaint and an utterance of God’s people that allows the reader to be willing to yield and surrender to God, supply the reader with the necessary things to come into contact with God through a movement of God, characterization of others through their daily experiences, it encourages others to remain confident in God and his faithfulness through the words used by others when a persons experience in life doesn’t give them support in faith, it declares the quality of God’s rule on earth through David and the righteous being blessed and judgment of the wicked, it provides a song of praise and a guide of prayer and private worship, and allows believers to receive pleasure and satisfaction in God. Psalms is divided into five books, and each book tells us different things we need to do in live for God. Book one informs us on how God blesses us, and whenever we fail, he can redeem us. Book two informs us how the nation was in ruin and how is was regained, because we can’t handle our own problems, we have to run to God for help. Book three informs us that we need to continue to praise God and he is worthy of our complete devotion. Book four informs us to make known that we have full trust in God as our protector. Book five informs us to admit that God exist and that he has the power to deliver us.

The book of Proverbs, can be known as a book of wisdom, just like the books of Job, Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon and some parts of the book of Psalms. When I look at the book of...

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