The Great Gatsby: The Carelessness of Characters as the Cause of Their Ruin

Topics: F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby, Jay Gatsby Pages: 3 (897 words) Published: February 27, 2007
The Great Gatsby

In today's world most people only think of money and fame. To live the lives of the rich and famous. However what do people really know about that kind of life? Do they know about that tragedy and the unmorality of people who have such disregard for their surroundings? F. Scott Fitzgerald tells all about the destruction these type of people cause in his 1920's drama The Great Gatsby. There is not that much of a difference between the "glamorous" people of today and the people of the 1920's. Those type of people think that they don't need a care in the world. Nick, Daisy, and Tom are the most careless characters in The Great Gatsby, resulting in their downfall.

Nick is the cause of everybody's destruction because he keeps his mouth shut. He is the observer for everything in this book and a lot of tragic insidences could have been prevented if he has spoken up at the right time. Nick never said anything to Tom about his relationship with Myrtle being unmoral even when Daisy is his cousin. Then he also never mentioned anything to Tom or even asked any questions about Gatsby and Daisy being together all the time. The biggest mistake Nick made was not saying anything to anyone when he knew that Daisy had been the one driving when Myrtle was hit, and not Gatsby. If Nick had said something to anyone about that it could have saved Gatsby's life. Unfortunatly Nick gets so caught up in everybody else's problems and drama he doesn't even seem to care about himself anymore. In New York after Daisy, Tom, and Gatsby have their big fight Nick tells Tom and Jordan, "I just remembered that today's my birthday." Nobody forgets their birthday and when reading that quote it is obvious to see that Nick got just as caught up in the carelessness and drama of it all. Nick just lets everything take place and he thinks he is so innocent but really he's not at all.

Daisy's selfishness and disregard of other peoples lives is the reason she makes bad...
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