The Great Gatsby Comparison Between Book and the Movie G

Topics: African American, Difference, United States Pages: 2 (352 words) Published: June 18, 2008
The Great Gatsby Comparison Paper

The similarities and the differences between the book The Great Gatsby and the

movie G are many in both accounts. The book The Great Gatsby was written and

set in the 1920's with all caucasion characters, and the proper talk and everyday life

of the 20's. The movie G is much different in this aspect because the writter's and

the director of the film decided to modernize the story and make it more catered to

the new african america lifestyle. Thus the setting was modern times and the whole

cast were african american. There were many very obvious differences between the

book and movie because of the different era's and cultures, such as the music, the

things they said, the way they dressed, the houses, their clothes and how socializing

had changed over the years.

Most of the characters that were in the book were in the movie, with only a few small

differences because of the time change. Gatsby, or G as the movie called him, was

in the music industry as some big hip-hop/rap artist, he still threw big parties with

lots of important people. Nick was a journalist in the movie and came to Gatsby's

party in hopes of getting an interview with him and Daisy decides to go

with him. There also seems to be alot more suspicision and confrontation between

Daisy and her husband Tom in the movie, things were more calm and just more

uncaring really of what was happening. There was also a couple new characters

thrown into the movie, a girl, I forget her name, and a young man that were always

there at Gatsby's mansion trying to get him to make her a big singer, but he always

told her she wasn't ready.

Most of the events played out similar to the book, with maybe a few slight

modifications here and there. The ending was probably the most altered, because

of the main reason that in the movie Gatsby didn't die like he does in the book.
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