The Great Gatsby Chapter Analysis

Topics: The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Roaring Twenties Pages: 4 (1671 words) Published: March 11, 2015
The Great Gatsby Chapter Summary & Analysis
Mr. Laundry & Mrs. Johnstone
Vladislav Levitin
22nd of January 2014
Jay Gatsby
Nick Caraway
Tom Buchanan
Daisy Buchanan
Jordan Baker
Meyer Wolfsheim
Themes and Literary Devices
Main Theme: The American Dream
The Roaring Twenties
Inner Class Difference: New Money, Old Money
American Dream
The Is No Price To True Love
Past and Future
Literary Devices
The chapter begins with Nick - the narrator describing the affluent guests who attended Gatsby’s parties during the summer and the fact that not a single of them, knew anything about the host. Nick observes several drunken women at Gatsby’s lawn, gossiping about the mysterious identity and unusual rumors of Gatsby. Gatsby invites Nick over for lunch and they go on a ride to the city in Gatsby’s white Rolls Royce. On their way to the city, Gatsby tells Nick about his past. Gatsby describes himself as a son of wealthy parents from the Midwest town of San Francisco, who graduated from Oxford, been a reputable jewel collector in Europe and war hero. Gatsby shows Nick his war medal to prove his claims. He informs Nick to expect a story about his tragedy which he will tell him about later this afternoon. As they drive, Gatsby does not pay attention to the speed limit and an officer pulls them over. Gatsby shows the officer a small white card from the commissioner. The officer apologizes and lets them go. During lunch, they meet Gatsby’s business partner Meyer Wolfsheim. Wolfsheim describes Gatsby to Nick as a man of “fine breeding” (p.46 1993 edition) who would “never so much as look at a friend’s wife” (p.47 1993 edition). Gatsby informs Nick of Wolfsheim identity and that he’s the man responsible for the fixing of the 1919 World Series. Nick becomes concerned that Gatsby is involved in crime business. As they leave the restaurant, Nick sees Tom Buchanan and...

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