The Great Gatsby Chapter 3 Summary

Topics: The Great Gatsby, Jay Gatsby, Arnold Rothstein, Ginevra King, United States, This Side of Paradise / Pages: 4 (797 words) / Published: Mar 17th, 2016
In chapter three we are introduced to one of the many lavish parties that Gatsby , Nick’s mysterious neighbor, throughs. Most people are not invited to the party they are just taken but Nick was a rare one and got a personal invite from Jay Gatsby himself. Well Gatsby didn't give it to him but he did send his chauffeur to bring Nick and invitation, which I think is way more of invitation than any of the other people at the party got. When it is time for the party Nicks take a short walk to Gatsby’s house and joins in on the festivities. He feels a little out of place among all of the strangers, and not even knowing the host adds on to that. But he doesn't seem to be the only one who doesn't know who Gatsby is, even though he is the host of the party. Some of the rumors that were speculated was that he was a german spy during the war, a graduate of oxford, and even that he had once killed a man. Although many rumors are spread about Gatsby, his guests also marvel at how luxurious the party is with things like a Rolls Royce, …show more content…
Jay Gatsby! We get a look into one of his grand parties and we get to actually see how he looks, acts and talks. He seems very important as when the few times that he talked to Nick during the party he had phone calls from several different states. And not just from that but from his wealth and all of the rumors spread. He is a very mysterious character that we really don’t know that much about, just that he is very wealthy and throws elaborate parties. I guess that is a main reason why so many rumors are spread about him. Gatsby is obviously an important character in the book as it is called “The Great Gatsby” but we really don’t know the role that he plays clearly just yet. I think one of his best qualities is that he is kind and maybe a not so good quality of his is that he is very mysterious which allows people to think very wrong things about him, like that he killed

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