The Great Gatsby

Topics: The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Jay Gatsby Pages: 4 (1568 words) Published: September 8, 2014
Greta Williams9/9/14
English 3 AP Lang per. DMr. Butterly
Summer Reading Assignment

The lavish extravagant persona of Jay Gatsby was fabricated over many years. As a boy born from poverty, James Gatz always saw himself as more than a farmer, but as the son of God. When a wealthy man Dan Cody is under the influence and in trouble at sea, James Gatz sees his chance to remake himself into the millionaire Jay Gatsby. The name Gatsby becomes a superpower and legendary figure to Long Island and New York inhabitants who attend his parties. Gatsby, a mysterious millionaire of Long Island, may be a fraud and a criminal but readers see Gatsby as a sympathetic figure and root for Gatsby. Gatsby is like any other person. As a young boy, Gatsby dreamed of living a successful life like many young adults do. He equates a successful life to lifting himself out of poverty and “getting the girl.” Gatsby is in love with a girl from his past, which helps the reader be sympathetic towards Gatsby. Many people have felt first love and can relate to Gatsby and his love for Daisy. Gatsby also is looking to be successful in life. To him that means living as the son of God. Most people want to succeed in life whether its getting good grades in school, going to their dream college, or living a lavish lifestyle. Gatsby like any other person wants to succeed in life and reunite with Daisy Readers root for Gatsby to overcome the odds pitted against him, poverty, to better his life. He against the odds made a better life for himself. He also found his old love, Daisy Buchannan. When life started to crumble for Gatsby, for example when Daisy refused to leave Tom for him and when she refused to talk to him. Readers still root for him to overcome these obstacles. Gatsby is a tragic hero that is eventually killed by his unfailing love for Daisy and desire to protect her. Despite his criminal activity that becomes apparent at the end readers are sympathetic toward...
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