The Great Gatsby

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The Great Gatsby

The novel “The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald is a story about life in 1920s America. “The Great Gatsby” was written in 1925 by F. Scott Fitzgerald and became one of the greatest literary documents of this period, in which the economy prospered. It is a story told through the eyes of a young man, Nick Carraway, as he befriends his mysterious neighbor, Jay Gatsby, and witnesses a summer of love, extramarital affairs, the downfall of the American dream, life of the upper class and tragedy. “The Great Gatsby” is a novel that illustrates the obsession with the American dream and how it can lead to downfall and tragedy.

“The Great Gatsby” centers around the obsession with the American dream in 1920s America. This story takes place in New York in the summer of 1922. Nick Carraway from Minnesota comes to New York for a summer to learn about and work in the bond business. He rents a home in West Egg across a bay of water from East Egg where he has connections to his cousin, Daisy and her husband, who was his classmate at Yale, Tom Buchanan. One night upon returning home he receives an invitation to his neighbor’s house party, whom this story centers around, Jay Gatsby. The whole story is an obsession with the American dream, but nobody is more obsessed than Gatsby. He was a soldier who trained in Louisville when he met Daisy. They fell in love despite him being poor and Daisy coming from a rich family. Gatsby then went away from World War I, only to return to find out that Daisy has married an heir from one of the wealthiest families in America, Tom Buchanan. This news ignites Gatsby obsession with the American dream. He is and always has been obsessed with the upper class and dedicates his life to become wealthy to win Daisy back. He buys a house in West Egg across from East Egg to keep an eye on Daisy. He spends many nights overlooking the bay at the green light at the dock of East Egg at Daisy’s home. At this point in time, Gatsby has become one of the richest men in New York through his illegal activity of bootlegging alcohol as well as other criminal activities to gain his wealth. This shows his obsession with the American dream and wealth as he would do anything to gain that in order to win Daisy back. Now that he has his wealth, he needs to complete his American dream by winning Daisy back. He does this by having a party every Saturday hoping she will show up. Once this does not work he tries through Nick since he moved in next door and is Daisy’s cousin. He uses Nick to invite Daisy over for tea, so Gatsby can come over to join them then rekindle his love with Daisy. Gatsby is successful as him and Daisy revitalize their love and have an affair. This whole storyline about Gatsby’s life show how obsessed he was with the American dream and how he would do whatever it took to become wealthy and get Daisy back. He did not care if he did it illegally with the wealth through criminal activity or by using his neighbor or through an affair which was frowned upon by society. Also, despite Nick not really wanting to be involved in this and just witnessing it, he was still obsessed with it in a way. He did not like Gatsby and did not agree with what he stood for or did, but yet he stood by his side the whole time, and could not get away or put an end to it despite knowing all along that this could not end well. He becomes obsessed with Gatsby’s idea of the American dream as well as life of the upper class. He could not get out of it despite him not liking or believing in anything Gatsby did. “The Great Gatsby” illustrates the obsession with the American dream in American society in the 1920s.

“The Great Gatsby” shows how the obsession with the American dream can ultimately lead to downfall and tragedy. Jay Gatsby thought he finally achieved his American dream. He started from nothing and now was...
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