The Great Gatsby

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The Great Gatsby—Writing Assignments


“American Dream” Interview Assignment

To complete this assignment, you will need to conduct an interview with one person from each of the following age groups:

1) 25 – 35
2) 36 – 45
3) 46 – 55
4) 56 and older

1. Ask each person the following questions:

“Please define the ‘American Dream.’ ”
“What does the ‘American Dream’ mean to you?”

These questions may sound the same, but they are actually very different.

2. Record the interviewee’s answers.

3. Write a brief paper (2-3 pages) detailing your interview with each individual, and be sure to add quotes from your interviewees when you feel using their words will help support your paper. Then compare their views of the “American Dream” to yours. In your paper, be sure to ponder why you feel your interviewees have similar and/or varying responses to your answers. Use a standard introduction-body-conclusion format, and in this paper using “I” and your personal opinions are acceptable.

The Great Gatsby Dialogue Assignment

You and your friends live in New York City during the Roaring 20’s, and you have all attended (or are attending) a famous Gatsby party. Using a list of 1920’s slang, generate a dialogue between yourself and two or three of your friends. (See my website for a variety of 1920s slang links.) You must generate at least thirty (30) lines of dialogue. Be sure to put the definition of each slang word after it in parentheses. You may work with up to two partners, but the lines of dialogue will need to increase: sixty (60) lines for two students and ninety (90) for three. NOTE: Earn bonus points by performing your dialogue!

The Great Gatsby
Essay Questions

Choose one of the following topics, and write a well-developed and supported essay. Before writing your paper, review and use the “Six Traits of Successful Writing.”...
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