The Great Gatsby

Topics: F. Scott Fitzgerald, Racism Pages: 3 (1008 words) Published: February 27, 2013
People have been trying arduously to settle in America these days. When thinking about this country, most of us have the trend to associate it with our own“ American dreams “ and picture an elaborate blueprint of our bright future. However, in Fitzgerald’s far-reaching novel The Great Gatsby, he presents us some crucial realities related to American society.

One important aspect of these realities is crime. Every Saturday, Gatsby throws a party at his mansion: all the great and luxury of the young fashionable world come to show his extravagance, but he builds his fortune through distributing alcohol, gambling and bootlegging. However, the reason for Gatsby to take such great risk is neither money nor fame, for Nick has observed that Gatsby” grew more correct as the fraternal hilarity increased. “ And that’s one of the aspect he differed from other characters. He does all these for a noble reason: love. Gatsby optimistically concentrates all his life to become a wealthy man, dedicates all he has to show his material succeed to lure Daisy, innocently believes he will persuade her to leave her husband and go back to things just they were in the old days. Through days and years, Daisy has become more than the one he loves; she has become the incarnation of Gatsby’s American dreams. Gatsby drenched himself into his vital illusions of the irretrievable past, which have “gone beyond Daisy, beyond everything” to make him fake his identity and even violate the law. Personally speaking, I think Fitzgerald portrayed him ambivalently to increase his tragedy: Gatsby’s way of achieving his goal is illegal, unethical and should be guilty. On the contrary, his ceaseless pursuing of love is pure and authentic. There is a mixture of pretention and truth on him to let us despise yet admire him.

Despite Gatsby’s crime, another important crime that directly led to Gatsby’s death was George Wilson’s shooting him in the pool. In The Great Gatsby, Wilson is depicted as the...
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