The Great Gatsby

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The great Gatsby Color Symbolism essay

Francis Scott Fitzgerald used color symbolism at multiple occasions throughout the book the Great Gatsby; he especially focused color symbolism around one character, Jay Gatsby. Gatsby is one of the main characters of the story and is the character Fitzgerald uses to pass on his message behind the story. The green light is one of the most reoccurring symbols throughout the book. It represents Gatsby´s obsession of being with Daisy. Fitzgerald uses the green light to show that Gatsby´s blind ambition did not let him see that Daisy wasn´t worthy to fight for. The author also uses color symbolism around Gatsby´s belongings and clothes to show what he is thinking or what he is planning to do in the future. Fitzgerald lastly uses colors in the settings around Gatsby to illustrate his feelings and state of mind.

The green light that was on top of Daisy´s dock illuminated the surroundings day and night. The light could be seen from Gatsby´s house in the West Egg Village and Gatsby could not get his eyes off this light while he was in his house. This means that the green light blinded Gatsby from seeing other possible goals or dreams that were within reach. He “believed in the green light, the orgastic future that year by year receded before us”. Gatsby believed he could accomplish his goal to be with Daisy not knowing that this chance was already gone and that he had to sail against other currents that were maybe a little easier to sail through. Unfortunately, this light hypnotized Gatsby and made him try to have “everything like it was before”, and this is why his dream of reconstructing the past brought only death and disappointment.

Colors were used by Fitzgerald to illustrate Gatsby´s feelings. For example, when Gatsby, Daisy and Nick go to Gatsby´s house so that he can show off his wealth, Gatsby shows his clothes that came directly from England. The different variety of colors really stupefies Daisy, after that...
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