The Great Depression: A Short History

Topics: World War II, New Deal, Great Depression Pages: 2 (541 words) Published: December 6, 2011
English Composition II

Nick Taylor (2008) A Short History of Great Depression, American-Made In this article author is describing factors that cause Great Depression. The Great Depression also so-called New Era was the time in United States history when in October 29, 1929 the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell close to 23 percent and U.S market lost form $8 billion to $9billion in value. This was one of the series losses during that time. The unemployment rates rose every month and wages fall for those who continued to work. The people could not afford anything use of credit for purchase like homes, cars, household appliances and furniture sooner or later resulted foreclosure and repossession, result of this situation was that people lost their buying power and companies fell, businesses failed and more workers lost their jobs. Farmers have same problems because their time of depressions extended from 1920’s after World War I when they lost their ability to export their goods. This resulted losses in land and equipment for foreclosure. This whole situation caused that thousands banks and businesses had failed, millions Americans were homeless. The time starts changing after president election in 1932 when Franklin Delano Roosevelt won. After his success he faced baking crisis and unemployment that had reached close to 25 percent almost 15 million people had no jobs. The Roosevelt had plan how to fix this economic crisis. The first thing was bank holiday after which one some banks regained their ability to stay on the market. He created and Congress passed a series of emergency measures. The new administration reformed banking and the stocks market. They created programs where thousands unemployment workers could find job. They build large public works and others were sending to build hydro electrical dams to bring power to South. This effected relief to millions. The government created federal program called Civilian Conservation Corps where thousands of...
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