The Great Depression: A Long Road to Recovery

Topics: New Deal, Great Depression, Works Progress Administration Pages: 4 (721 words) Published: May 30, 2014

The United States’ economy began to sour during the stock market crash of 1929 that would ultimately send American society into a deep depression. The prosperous era of the 1920’s came to an abrupt end in turn the 1930’s came to be know as the Great Depression. As Hoover stepped down from shameful presidency, Franklin Roosevelt took over. The primary reason for his victory was because of his “The New Deal” platform. This rejected many of Hoover’s solutions and proposed something totally different. Roosevelt’s administration fixed temporary employment problems, but drastically changed the role of government, there was lots of change but the economy never prospered like it did in the 1920’s.

The first months of Roosevelt’s presidency showed how his administration would over turn the depression. Document J indicates unemployment of nonfarm workers shows, almost 40% unemployment in 1933. This era was tough on all American families and showed no mercy, ignoring gender and race. Meridel Lesuer stated in New Masses, that “there must be as man women out of jobs in cities suffering extreme poverty as there are men. What happens to them” Roosevelt’s administration found solutions to the depression by tackling domestic issues, in the first months of his administration they passed 15 bills directly targeting the depression. The strong Democratic majority in Congress pushed the bills along greatly. Some of the solutions were The Glass-Stegall Act which provided federal guarantees on loans five thousand dollars and less, and an act to grant a national bank holiday to get banks back to solvency. the Agricultural Adjustment Act which sought to stabilize farm prices by controlling production. Roosevelt used his ability as a speaker to communicate his plan to the American people through "fireside chats". These chats gave the American people confidence in the president. After the first 100 days, Roosevelt's administration focused on getting people back to work. The National...
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