The Great Depression: the Great Shake Up

Topics: Herbert Hoover, Calvin Coolidge, Great Depression Pages: 1 (391 words) Published: April 6, 2009
The Great Depression: The Great Shake Up

In the movie “The Great Depression: The Great Shake Up” Herbert Hoover was the president during the time of the Depression. He was personally being blamed for the depression. In 1928 Herbert Hover succeeded Calvin Coolidge for the presidency. Farming had been in a slump since the Great War. Wheat in the fields was left to rot because it was not worth the price of even picking it. During the Depression there was an epidemic of suicide. The demands for goods vanished. Tuesday October 29, 1929 was called Black Tuesday. Many stocks fell and were cheap. Stocks were about as valuable as wall paper and even in some places people were putting their stocks up on the walls as a joke. President Herbert Hoover at this time had cut income taxes. Many people were not happy with the way President Hoover was acting as their president and he was then beat out of office by Franklin D. Roosevelt. Franklin D. Roosevelt too over for Hoover in office. Roosevelt was a democrat and an aristocrat. When Hoover was president he told everyone that he didn’t care if he was popular just as long as he was correct. Unlike Hoover, Roosevelt didn’t write his own speeches. Franklin D. Roosevelt’s famous speech at the white house had this very quote in it “We have nothing to fear, but fear itself.” During the Depression marathon dancing became very popular. Marathon dancing was fun for people to watch and could last for up to months at a time. Everyone during the Depression was trying new things like stunts. During the Depression there was also Hobo’s. They traveled on Route 66. Freight hopping was their way of travel. Hobo’s also had a code of honor. They were not bum’s…bum’s begged and hobo’s worked. Some proud hobo’s back then were Robert Mitchem and James Mitchner. The hobo’s also had a “heaven” it was call Big Rock Candy Mountain. Liberty Justice was also another hobo mentioned in the movie. Most hobo’s liked the steam trains better than the diesel...
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